National Projects

Choral congresses and other meetings

In the AGM of 1st March 1997 it was decided to no longer organise regular “large” choral meetings lasting a whole weekend or more, which up to then took place every four years, but to concentrate more on promoting more frequent “smaller” events between two or three choirs within the Federation, so as to promote a better friendship and contact between the choirs of the Federation. These “bilateral” encounters are very popular amongst choristers and stimulate great enthusiasm, especially for less experienced or smaller choirs, that can sometimes have problems performing large choral works or a more advanced repertoire just by themselves. It is also important for choristers to come know that there are many other young people in Switzerland singing and serving the liturgy exactly like themselves.


International Collaboration

  In 2012 the choirs from Lugano and Lausanne took part in the Internationalen Congress in Granada/Spain.
  The Luzerner Sängerknaben together with the Luzerner Mädchenchores represented Switzerland at the Internationalen Congress 2013 in Washington DC / USA.
  The Scuola Corale from Lugano was lucky to get the invitation to the International Congress 2014 in Paris/France. There were much more applications then the number of choirs which could have been accredited.